Matfen Hall wedding photography

Wedding Photography at Matfen Hall by Alan Mason

North East England Wedding Photographer of the year, for several years running.


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Wedding photography at Matfen Hall, Northumberland




Matfen hall, Northumberland, actually gives it's address as Newcastle upon Tyne,
however Newcastle is really in Tyne and Wear. . . .
try searching the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne for Matfen . . .

Anyway . . . this wedding at Matfen Hall was held in October,

October can sometimes be a bit chilly - and on this particular day - the sky was a bit bland and featureless . . .

ho hum . . we can't always have blue skies . .

but a wedding is what we make it, eh !!


matfen hall in october


I get a quick picture of Matfen Hall

this serves two purposes,

1. it is a good image to put into the wedding album


2. it shows you what Matfen Hall looks like from the outside.

matfen bridesmaid

Once inside, I locate a beautiful bridesmaid, rehearsing her speech in the window area.

matfen wedding picture


Everyone was pretty much ready when I arrived - well, putting finishing touches onto things,
so we nab a quick picture of Natalie(the bride - she's the one in the white dress)
plus her father and her bridesmaids.

matfen documentary wedding photographer

Something tells me that this wedding is going to be fun,
there are giggles and laughter nearly all the time.

matfen bridesmaids dresses

Funky wedding picture.
sometimes I do funky.

These girls wanted funky.

matfen wedding florist

Picture two in a series of two . .

matfen bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids continue to have fun . Really, there was no stopping them . . .

This picture was taken whilst the registrar was chatting to the bride in the background

(you will just about be able to see her standing with an opened book

slightly out of focus on the right hand side in the background of this picture).matfen wedding ceremony

Downstairs in the Great Hall at Matfen Hall,
the groom, Gianni is waiting along with his best man
and a contingent of wedding guests,

half from the UK and half from Italy.

(Gianni is Italian).

matfen great hall staircase

Natalie makes the walk down the staircase at Matfen Hall,
with her father on her arm, and following her bridesmaids.

matfen string quartet

At the base of the staircase at Matfen Hall,
I lean over and spot a bunch of ladies with violins

well - Violin, Viola, Cello . . . that kinda thing . . .

matfen hall wedding great hall

The picture above puts the string quartet into context
Natalie and her father make their way up the aisle to where the groom is waiting.

matfen great hall wedding ceremony

I attach my camera to a small helicopter
and obtain a birds eye view of the ceremony.

I fibbed . . . you probably guessed . . . I used the stairs.

matfen wedding ceremony

Back to ground level - wedding ceremony ongoing . . .

wedding guests with ipads

wedding guests on the grooms side
(the Italian connection)
are busy filming the ceremony on iPads.

matfen wedding


Sometimes hands convey a message as well as facial expressions.

matfen wedding rings

Best man hands over rings - groom places ring on brides finger - bride places ring on . . .

aw - you know what happens here . . .

matfen wedding the kiss

And you sir, may kiss your bride.

matfen civil wedding ceremony

and this is your marriage certificate . . .

matfen wedding

and here is a drink, as you exit the great hall at Matfen Hall.

matfen marriage

Two very happy people - just married !!

matfen is confetti allowed

Are you allowed to throw confetti at Matfen Hall ?

I think the answer is yes to that one.

The wind took this confetti and funnelled it into a tower above the couple.

matfen hall funky wedding picture

I forgot to mention - this crowd is quite . . . .

err . . funky might be a good word.


They're Italian . . .

actually - come to think of it . . . .this group is not all Italian . . .

they're just . . . . . insisting on having fun.

hell - it's a wedding, why not !!

matfen hal wedding

Gratuitous picture showing one bride and groom and one Matfen Hall.

matfen wedding

There is some ivy (not sure if it's really called Virginia creeper . . )

anyway - at certain times of the year - some walls at Matfen Hall are covered with it

and it turns quite a vivid red.  So we nab it for a picture.matfen wedding red leaves

One bride and groom - very obviously happy.

matfen great hall wedding picture

One groom and one bride on the staircase at Matfen.

matfen wedding

The wedding guests are now seated in the room called Terrace ( odd name for a room,

I've never quite understood it . . but I'll get back on track),

Natalie and Gianni are waiting in the Great Hall for instructions from the staff,
meanwhile - I try to be clever and take a picture of the official notice that a wedding is taking place,
with a bride and groom in the background

matfen hall wedding great hall

Natalie making checks on the schedule on her iPhone, Matfen master of ceremonies

and one groom awaiting her verdict . . .

matfen wedding schedule

Natalie and Gianni enter the room - guests stand as they enter.

matfen terrace room new carpet

Does this girl look happy ?

( and does this feller look happy ?)

errr . . . yes. !

matfen hall wedding speeches

After the meal - it gets dark outside,

then it's time for speeches - this is the brides fathers speech.

Everyone is watching something, what can it be ?

a flying herd of ducks ?

a passing squadron of Rhinoceros ?

you need to guess . . .

matfen wedding speeches

Natalie, amused by her fathers speech

have you guessed what they were all looking at yet ?

clue. it wasn't ducks, or Rhino (you don't usually get them inside Matfen Hall).

matfen wedding powerpoint display



Ah - slight adjustment during the speech,

Natalies father hops over to the laptop which is driving his presentation.

have you guessed what they're looking at yet ?

matfen wedding speech powerpoint

this is his presentation.

The poor feller is so broke (allegedly, though I don't believe a word of it)
that he had to wander about in Sainbury's carpark raising funds for an Armani suit
so that he would not look out of place next to the well dressed wedding guests from Italy.

wedding guests with ipads


And again, wedding guests film everything on iPads.

wedding guests ipads

I wonder how much of the speech you see and enjoy whilst watching the screen and hoping it does not wobble ?

bridesmaids speech

Natalies sister (also a bridesmaid) makes a very good speech.

matfen wedding singer

And then, in the Great Hall at Matfen, a feller specially imported from somewhere wierd
(such as the South Coast of England I think) breaks into song.

matfen party great hall wedding

And whilst the feller breaks into song - this bunch miss absolutely no excuse for a dance and a laugh.

matfen the vaults dance

We wander downstairs to the vaults under Matfen Hall, for the disco.

first dance, in Matfen Hall vaults.

smoke and pretty lights (and music) provided by the excellent Tim Hills Disco.

matfen wedding dance the vaults

more dancing. (same dance actually)

matfen wedding guest

Wedding guest decides to get pictures of the dancing.

matfen dancing the vaults

I nab more pictures when everyone else hits the dance floor,
somewhere in this picture - you will see the head (and not much else)

of the best man.  can you see it ?

matfen wedding dance the vaults

A huge thank you to Natalie and Gianni,
for entrusting me with their wedding photographs.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day,
and it was a pleasure to see so many people enjoying themselves so much.





Matfen Hall wedding photography

Wedding Photography at Matfen Hall by Alan Mason

North East England Wedding Photographer



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wedding photography by Alan Mason

North East Wedding Photographer of the year for several years running

North East Wedding Photographer